Cosmos Chamber Music: Ensemble Shiraz

Cosmos Chamber Music: Ensemble Shiraz

Kian Soltani (Foto: Marco Borggreve)

Cosmos Chamber Music: Ensemble Shiraz

Sun 17. Sep 2023 17.00 Kleine Tonhalle
Kian Soltani Kemantsche, Violoncello
Ensemble Shiraz
Khosro Soltani Nay, Narmnay, Duduk
Hossein Behroozinia Oud
Puyan Biglar Tar, Gesang
Mohammad Ghavihelm Tombak, Daf
Mitra Kotte Klavier
Violoncello und traditionelle persische Musik Programm nach Ansage. Die Musiker*innen führen durch das Konzert.
Prices CHF 85 / 55 / 30
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Kosmos Kammermusik: Ensemble Shiraz
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Focus artist Kian Soltani, born in Austria to a family of Persian musicians, closely accompanies Zurich audiences through the 2023/24 season in solo and chamber music performances. Right at the beginning, he also presents his "Ensemble Shiraz", founded by his father. Here he meets his roots to perform Persian music. The ensemble plays traditional instruments. In this formation, for example, Kian Soltani swaps his cello for the kemantsche, a spiked violin with a round resonance body, and proves to be an outstanding player on this instrument as well.

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