«Tram for Two» with Paavo Järvi

How does our music director Paavo Järvi get around in Zurich? In the tram, of course. In the new video series "Tram for Two " he takes guests of the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich on a ride through the city.

Episode 1 with Emmanuel Pahud

Paavo Järvi takes flutist and Focus Artist Emmanuel Pahud on his first drive for «Tram for Two». The two quickly strike up a conversation and exchange views on private and professional matters: How often do they train to keep in shape for the stage? What role does nutrition play? How do relationships work out and what does a life on a constant journey basically look like? What music does Paavo Järvi listen to when he relaxes? How do they deal with the current world situation? All this and more in the first episode of «Tram for Two».

Episode 2 with Antoine Tamestit

In the second episode of "Tram for Two" Paavo Järvi takes French violist Antoine Tamestit on a ride through the city.
How do musicians deal with alcohol? And what is the best viola joke? Our Paavo Järvi and Antoine Tamestit talk about these and other questions on their tram ride through Zurich in the second episode of our series "Tram for two".

Episode 3 with Fazıl Say

In the third episode of Tram for Two, Paavo Järvi takes Turkish pianist, composer and focal artist Fazıl Say on a ride through the city.
Pianist or composer – which role does Fazıl Say actually identify with more? Even though he and Paavo Järvi are cosmopolitans, both are passionately committed to their home countries. This was recently demonstrated at Say's benefit concerts for the devastated earthquake regions in Turkey. And Switzerland? What compositions does he find inspiration for here and what restaurant does he never miss in Zurich?

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