Felix Mildenberger – Assistant Conductor

The close cooperation with Paavo Järvi offers the young German conductor Felix Mildenberger an unique opportunity to deepen what he has already learned. The exchange of ideas with musicians and the management gives new insights into a cultural enterprise.

Felix Mildenberger (Foto: Jasper Ehrich)

I have known Felix for many years now and I'm proud to see how he has developed his talent.
I'm happy to have him as my assistant conductor in Zurich. Felix is a very good conductor with a strong musicality and skill.
He will have a bright future ahead of him.
Paavo Järvi

Felix Mildenberger began his musical studies with the instruments violin, viola and piano. From 2011 to 2015 he studied conducting in Freiburg and Vienna. In 2013 he took part in David Zinman's conducting course. The following year, Mildenberger attended Paavo Järvis master class at the Estonian Järvi Academy.

During his time as Assistant Conductor in Zurich, Felix Mildenberger is looking forward to exchanging ideas with the orchestral musicians and with Paavo Järvi. He would like to learn more from him about repertoire, rehearsal methodology and conducting technique. Mildenberger also wants to learn more about the management and structures behind an orchestra.


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