Tchaikovsky's Second and Fourth on CD

Our second CD of the Tchaikovsky cycle is now available on the Swiss market.

Here you can hear the Second and Fourth Symphonies by Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky conducted by Paavo Järvi, recorded in the Tonhalle Maag without an audience.

"The Second prepares the ballets, its momentum and its grounding in folk music are infectious. In the Fourth, the Russian soul unfolds epically," says Paavo Järvi about the two symphonies on the current album.

Read more about the creation of the second and fourth symphony here.

The CD is available in stores such as Hochuli or Musik Hug.

Learn more about the CD recording process, the teamwork of Paavo Järvi and his long-time friend and producer Philip Traugott in the video and why we can look forward to a recording that is nevertheless full of live energy even without a live concert.

The Tchaikovsky cycle is supported by the Hans Imholz-Stiftung.

published: 26.03.2021