Box Office locations and opening hours

Box Office Tonhalle Maag
Mon to Fri 11 a.m.–6 p.m. or beginning of concert
Sat/Sun/public holidays 1½ hours before concert begins
From 30 min. before concert begins, no advance ticket sales for other concerts

Box Office Paradeplatz
Credit Suisse, counter area
Paradeplatz 8, 8001 Zurich
Mon to Fri 9 a.m.–4.30 p.m.

Payment options

Exit tickets are available at CHF 10 each from the cloakroom before performances begin.

Ticket agencies

Musik Hug
Limmatquai 28–30
8001 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 220 44 11

Jelmoli City
Advance ticket sales at Customer Service, 4th floor
Seidengasse 1
8001 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 220 44 11

Wheelchair spaces

Due to fire prevention regulations, the number of spaces available in the concert hall is limited. Please register at least four days before the concert.