Martin Fröst

*1970 / Sweden
Studies in Sweden and Germany

Martin Fröst is one of the world’s best instrumentalists. Having heard Mozart’s clarinet concerto at the age of eight, he fell in love with the instrument from that moment.
Known for his highly expressive and unconventional manner of playing, Fröst’s artistic collaborations extend far beyond purely playing the clarinet. He frequently operates simultaneously as an instrumentalist, conductor, dancer and actor. Musical labels mean nothing to him, and in his opinion, classical rules are there to be broken.
When he recorded Mozart’s clarinet concerto on CD for the second time, it became clear to him that there must be more – he wanted to extend the clarinet repertoire and expand the boundaries of the classical concerto. Essentially, never to stand still, and to search and experiment continuously. «You haven’t really heard the clarinet until you’ve heard Martin Fröst,» writes The Times of this exceptional musician.

Martin Fröst (Foto: Nikolaj Lund)
Martin Fröst (Foto: Sony Music)
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