Acoustically one of the best concert venues in the world.

Since 1895 Zurich audiences have enjoyed first-class music in two world-class concert halls, and all thanks to the music-loving citizens of the city. Although the 1939 National Exhibition meant that the original building had to give way to a new convention centre, the Great Hall and Small Hall of the Tonhalle have survived. In view of the fact that many distinguished names that have performed at the Tonhalle among them Richard Strauss, Othmar Schoeck and Vladimir Horowitz, we can continue to look forward to hearing many more great musicians at this wonderful venue.

Great Hall
The Great Hall of the Tonhalle seats 1500 people and is one of Zurich's largest venues for classical music. Wherever you sit the acoustic is perfect which is why the Great Hall known as one of the best concert venues in the world. Since its refurbishment in 2006, which restored it to its original splendour, the hall has been privy to some of the finest musical performances.

Small Hall
The Small Hall is the jewel of the Tonhalle. The 1998 renovation achieved wonders, restoring its original ambience, the warm golden and crimson colours, and reviving the beautiful ceiling paintings of the Swiss painter Antonio Barzaghi-Cattaneo. The hall seats 636 and provides a particularly intimate atmosphere for  the performers on stage and audience alike.