More about your concert

Before or after, either informatively, playfully or interactively: for an entire range of concerts, we offer you the option to learn more about the works performed and the composers, thus enabling you to intensify your concert experience. To find out which concerts will feature accompanying events, please see the concert calendar.

Introduction – the classic

For those who would like to know more about the works performed, there are spoken introductions to several concerts each season. Musicologists talk about the compositions and the period in which they were written, and explain the musical and historical context. Sound samples will get you in the mood for the programme.

Introductions begin one hour before the concert and last 30 to 40 minutes. They take place at various locations; please note the information provided at concerts.

Intro for Headphones – short and concise

You can think of our audio introductions in German as short radio broadcasts about musical works. You will find background information, learn unexpected facts and discover key musical moments in selected works at Audio Intro on our website at least one week before the concert. You can thus immerse yourself in the music for a few minutes – either relaxing at home or while out and about – and enjoy the concert even more. And you can listen to it later, too!

The headphone symbol shows you for which concerts audio introductions are available.

Prélude – Introduction to contemporary music

Let us smooth the way to fascinating new works in the repertoire. At our Préludes, we familiarise you with a specific work from the evening programme. Presenters from SRF 2 Kultur moderate discussions with the composer or performers, and music students from Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) present excerpts.

The Préludes begin at 6 p.m. in the Klangraum and last for one hour.

Surprise – Pre-concert with young musicians

Five times each season, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) students provide a musical introduction to the concert. These half-hour chamber music «pre-programmes» refer to the works performed at the concert itself. The introductions are given at the Toni-Areal, starting at
6 p.m.

Finale – Interaction after the concert

Listen to expert opinions immediately after the concert, hear descriptions of personal experiences in the artistic process, and learn more about future projects of the artists and guest speakers.
After the concert, Director Ilona Schmiel receives the conductor, soloist, composer or other guest together with concertgoers for a discussion.

The finale starts directly after the concert in the Tonhalle Maag foyer and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Café at 4 – Introduction to Chamber Music at 5

Before our Sunday chamber music concerts at the Johanneskirche church in Zurich, from 4 p.m. you are welcome for coffee, cakes and biscuits, and informal conversations with musicians from the Orchestra.


Wir nehmen Sie mit hinter die Kulissen des Tonhalle-Orchesters Zürich. Entdecken Sie auf einer Führung mit uns die Tonhalle Maag, erfahren Sie die Geschichte und den Alltag des Orchesters. Auch individuelle Führungen für Erwachsene oder Kinder sind auf Anfrage möglich.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass an der Führung Treppen zu bewältigen sind und kein Lift vorhanden ist. Melden Sie sich per E-Mail oder per Telefon 044 206 34 34 an. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist auf 30 Personen beschränkt.

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